Our Work

We create revenue growth and brand value for companies of all sizes. Our goal is transforming and building brands across industries. Team focus is on marketing consulting and interim management. We are problem solvers. Every assignment presents unique challenges.

Broad Industry Experience

- Food
- Fashion
- Healthcare
- Technology

– Automotive
– Luxury Goods
– Wine and Spirits
– Retail and Specialty Retail

- Beverages
- Household Products
- Personal Care
- Small Appliances

– Housewares
– Aerospace
– Specialty Foods and Desserts
– Financial Services and Sponsors

Selected Brands And Case Histories

   Sauza Tequila
   Mr. Bubble
   Walkers Shortbread
   Sun Products
   Mrs. Prindable’s
   Vilece Technology Systems
   Star Kay White
   Remington Products
   Johnson & Johnson
– innovating upscale accessories/cookware
– succeeding in a highly competitive retail sector
– innovating to increase retail presence at the point of sale
– building volume by strategically leveraging seasonality
– launching advertising campaign to attract Gen Y consumers
– building interest and sales in retail stores
– renewing category interest through design and product innovations
– leveraging consumers’ race car enthusiasm to build sales
– devising innovative promotions for iconic kids’ bath products
– building brand value strengthened retailer sales and margins
– taking coupon clipping to a new channel
– identifying and communicating the Brandprint, key brand value proposition, via website
– providing consumer insights for marketing program development
– boosting demand for detergent brand by leveraging fragrance appeal
– elevating confection brand to luxury gift
– bringing brand-focus to new website/brochure/logo creation
– challenging original perceptions to create innovative brand icon and new “beverage” category at retail
– using guerrilla marketing, small budget, and new products for specialty food US retail introduction
– channeling innovative technology into a commercially viable new product
– brand strategy and implementation in women’s healthcare
– expanding global shoe business into new luxury product markets
– initiating, launching new brand and innovative new product lines
– recognizing the popularity of "carbohydrate loading", designed and implemented new marketing campaign